About - Techniques & Inspiration
Since 1989 Neil has designed and made fashion and interior accessories under his own label from his studio on the Kent coast. His reputation was built upon the production of high quality experimental hand painted, printed and crafted pieces. More recently however, following an extensive period of research, a combination of the latest cutting edge digital print techniques and CAD programmes have been explored.

Cutting Edge Technology Inspired By Craft Traditions
The Eclectic collection of designs, Tapestry, Script and Pyramids is printed on silk in rich shades of claret, rust, aqua and deep blue. These complex layered designs were developed after working and researching at The University of Sharjah in The United Arab Emirates and further visits to Oman, Egypt and India. A diverse mix of visual influences and ideas inspired by the history, culture, climate, landscape and people offered a unique opportunity for design inspiration.

The MicroTex Collection explores the concept of hidden codes, secret languages and includes inspiration ranging from the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs to embedded digital codes. An eclectic mix of visual influences and ideas have been incorporated with a combination of the latest cutting edge digital design techniques and hand methods, which have been refined over the last twenty years.

The TechnoCraft Collection explores the relationship between digital textile printing and craft printing techniques and how these seemingly opposing practices can coexist. For example, digital dye sublimation print has been combined with hand set pleating and Shibori techniques to produce a sculptural printed fabric.

"I am currently experimenting with dye sublimation printing on synthetic fibre which can be heat pleated or moulded permanently into three-dimensional shapes. The concept behind the project is about hiding and revealing imagery, text and pattern. I am really excited about the new pleating experiments, the interaction between the physical movement and the printed imagery seems to illustrate perfectly the new ideas."
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