Research - Crysalis
Neil is currently working as Creative Manager on Crysalis, a collaborative EU funded research project. The project was developed in collaboration with the City of Ronse, the University of Ghent and the School of Fashion at the University for the Creative Arts in Rochester.

The Crysalis project focuses on outputs involving specific target groups: school children, college and university students, textile and design graduates, textile and design professionals, textile specialists, researchers, textile-linked businesses, textile artists and museums with a textile collection or archive. The wider partnership is composed of textile museums, organisations supporting textile businesses and education and technology/innovation centres.

The project focuses on "enhancing textile potentials"; improving access to heritage collections and access to traditional and new knowledge, materials, technologies and skills, as well as using creativity and design as a driver for public participation in textile heritage. It also focuses on "enhancing textile entrepreneurship and knowledge exchange", supporting the knowledge transfer between textile stakeholders and facilitating the creation of new enterprises in the textile sector.