Research - TechnoCraft Exhibition
In 2010 Neil completed a Masters Degree in Digital Design at the University for the Creative Arts at Rochester, where he is currently employed as Subject Leader for BA (Hons) Fashion Textiles: Print. This collection was inspired by travels to the Middle East, Egypt and India. The concept of indecipherable languages, hidden codes and embedded information, as well as signs and symbols from different cultures, is developed in the collection. A combination of cutting-edge digital print techniques and digitised pattern cutting, contrasted with craft traditions, such as the Kantar stitch work of West Bengal, have been explored in the work. Neil is intrigued by the relationship between digital textile print and craft techniques and how these seemingly opposing practices can coexist.

The collection evolved into a series of printed and pleated, sculptural textile pieces. Three-dimensional treatments, such as shobori and pleating, further explore the "hidden and revealed" concept by creating an interaction between the physical movement of the pleated surfaces and the fragmented printed imagery. The TechnoCraft collection was launched in September 2010 at a Focus Showcase exhibition at the Ruthin Craft Centre in Denbighshire. Sue Prichard, Curator of Fashion & Textiles at the Victoria and Albert Museum reviewed the new collection in July 2010, saying:

"This relentless pursuit of the creative possibilities still to be discovered by a combination of the artisan with high tech applications is risk taking at its most exciting. Bottle delights in pushing the boundaries – this is a cause for both celebration and breathless anticipation for the future."
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