Research - V&A Permanent Collection
In 2008 a piece of Neil’s work was included in the Permanent Collection of Textiles at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Sue Prichard, the Curator for Textiles, commissioned the new piece to update Neil's existing works within the collection. The first piece of Neil's work was acquired for the collection in 1990.

The new work, entitled "Optical Series," demonstrated a departure in content and technique from the earlier figurative designs. Neil developed a method of mark making and printing to convey an uncontrollable or serendipitous quality of line drawing. He experimented with ways of making spontaneous marks in various paints, resin, varnish, dyes and bleach which were then translated onto silk screen. The finished piece evokes a sense of the technological landscape; ironically it has an architectural quality yet is devoid of literal reference.

In July 2008 this work was short listed for the Wesley Barrel Craft Makers Award in association with the Craft Council in London. This work was also showcased at The Origin Exhibition in London in 2009.